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Title : [(Adobe Lightroom 3 - the Missing Faq - Real Answers to Real Questions Asked by Lightroom Users)] [By (author) Victoria Bampton] published on (July, 2010)
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[(Adobe Lightroom 3 - the Missing Faq - Real Answers to Real Questions Asked by Lightroom Users)] [By (author) Victoria Bampton] published on (July, 2010) Reviews

  • T. Kieslich
    2019-04-17 09:55

    It's the Lightroom Queen - and she managed to put an amazing range of knowledge and details between the covers. This book certainly is not the typical entry-level product manual dashed out by a printing company in a rush. It's a comprehensive guide compiling real live questions every Lightroom user might encounter. Although one can read this book cover to cover it's more likely the reader wants to attack a certain problem. Here the really detailed TOC comes in pretty handy.What's really cool is that you can get a PDF with the book as well - it's absolutely great for on the fly searches while you're working in Lightroom.I regard this as one of the essential manuals if one wants to dig deeper into Lightroom. The only minor drawback is the lack of colour - thus only four stars.

  • JD
    2019-03-24 10:53

    I am new to LR v3. For years I have been using Photoshop Elements but with a change in my photography processing requirements and a new computer with a 64 bit OS I decided it was a time for change. Actually, Adobe made this decision for me as I could not successfully run PSE v9 with the 64 bit OS. It would not upgrade and would not stay open before freezing more than 5-10 minutes. After 15 hours over a period of many days of talking to people on the other side of the globe, each wanting to take control of my computer to "fix" the problem, I got fed up with this level of incompetence and made the change. I got a great deal on LR and also decided it was time to go to the full up Photoshop CS5. I have yet to look back on this decision and I knew I needed help with these more robust programs.I have been using both programs about 2 months and I would not be able to do this much work so smoothly without Victoria Bampton's LV v3 the Missing FAQ. I read through most of the book in a few days as not only is it easy to read and follow but her writing is excellent, concise, and to the point. She includes side bars on each page that lead you to a deeper discussion on key points that are covered in different parts of the book. She has also made searching easy by going to her web site and if you have proof of purchase you can download a PDF version that is very easy to cross reference.The book sits next to my computer so when I am using LR and hit a "what" moment I can usually find the answer fairly quickly. She is also open to e-mail questions and does a good job at responding to a question so I can move on with the job at hand which is to process photos, not spending endless hours learning another computer program. LR is not an intuitive program as most data bases are not (think MS Access). I am glad I do not have to look too far under the hood to understand how keywords have to be sequenced so the database will accept them. Again, I want more photo processing time and less hair pulling on a database.A must to go along with this book is Martin Evening's The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Book. Much like Bampton's reading, it is delightful to find photographers that can write technical "how to" books in such a clear, clean, and easy to understand way. Evening takes the learning process to another level which is not a must for learning to use LV 3 but essential if you want to take your photo processing to another level. The same can be said with his Photoshop CS5 tombs (700 pages). If you can approach these very large technical books with a sense that they are reference books and not a step by step how to book which you can find with Scott Kelby's books, you're learning curve, although steep, really takes the art of photo processing to a whole different level. If you want to learn how to make pretty pictures and not get too wrapped up in the details then get Kelby's book, that is, if you can stand wading through his humorless humor.A number of people are urging Bampton to write a FAQ book on PSCS5. If enough people bug her about this maybe we would have the ultimate in learning the new and really improved PSCS5. Martin Evening's everything you ought to know about PSCS5 and Bampton's FAQ so when you get bogged down in Evening's lengthy details on every single thing in this very large and robust program, Brampton can clear it up!

  • J. Cruzat
    2019-03-20 13:03

    I am a graphic artist/photographer hobbyist, now retired, with a very large number of photographs and digital images to process, some to distribute. Although i have had several Photoshop classes at the local community college, I still suffer from the fear of Photoshop; add to that the overwhelming amount of work I anticipate. When I read about the Lightroom 2 software in Shutterbug, I determined that I could reduce that amount of work I saw before me and maybe learn Photoshop even better with the time I expected to have left over. I purchased Lightroom 3 and started my quest. However, I did not realize that I should have read all the books I found on the bookstore shelves before I started. I made several false starts, trying to import my photos into Lightroom correctly with all the correct detail. I also had losts of questions, but noone to ask. Then I found the book by Victoria Bampton, "....the Missing FAQ". This book is a true wonder for Lightroom users who may be like me. I didn't know what I didn't know until I started reading the pages about Metadata. Then I realized that the books that I had been reading to find the answers were written by professional photographers who skipped over a lot of the minute details that my type of user would need in order to do a decent job of importing and processing my photos, probably because they already knew the importance of these details in their daily workflow. Adobe Lightroom 3 software is a terrific product and Adobe Lightroom 3 - The Missing FAQ is the best technical book I've read that is equal in stature to the software for a non-professional user.

  • Baroque Tossit
    2019-04-12 13:00

    Quick background:I've been shooting 35mm film since 1969 and digital since 2006. I've used several photo editing products and recently decided to concentrate on LightRoom 3 as my organizer-of-choice. Although I've been in I.T. for over 20 years I have limited experience with LightRoom. I decided I needed some instruction on the intricacies of the software. After reading numerous reviews on Amazon and other web sources I chose Victoria Bampton's FAQ book as one of my sources.I first downloaded the free Kindle sample of the book and that gave me enough of a glimpse of the contents to justify ordering the paperback version. I have purchased the Kindle version of other technical books and found the format limited; for me having the paperback version readily at hand gives me a better workflow.No CD or DVD copy comes with the paperback version. The paperback is in black and white to keep the publishing costs to a minimum. Ms. Bampton makes the kind offer of supplying a copy of the book in .PDF format at no charge; she gives a code in the book and an email address and requires only a scanned proof-of-purchase receipt. The .PDF version is in color. Ms. Bampton makes note that other E-Book formats are available along with the .PDF (although she does not specify which formats are available). EDIT: See end of review for information on formats.Quick review:The book is extremely well organized; not only is there a Table of Contents and an Index, there is a Table of Contents in Detail, which breaks the table of contents down into composite questions. I don't think I've seen this approach before in a "how to" book and I'm finding it very handy indeed.The subjects touch on every part of LightRoom as far as I can determine, from Importing to Catalogs to editing with other software applications, to printing and everything in between.The book is, of course, in a question and answer format and the answers are thankfully short and to the point. Ms. Bampton takes your question and returns a no-nonsense (but thorough) answer. Marvelous. You will not need to read a chapter of LR3 theory to get on with whatever task you have at hand.I'm certain that some readers have read the book cover-to-cover, but there is absolutely no need to do that if you're simply trying to get the answer to a question. Look up the question the Table of Contents Detail View and turn to the page indicated.In short the format is terrific and the contents are far ranging.This may not be the only LR3 resource book you'll want (depending, of course, on your own skill set and how heavily dependent you are on LightRoom) but it's one that you'll be glad that you purchased and probably the one that will be closest to your keyboard when you're working in LR3. (Scott Kelby's book also garners great reviews; I've not ordered that one yet but it appears to be highly recommended).I'd like to thank previous reviewers for posting such well thought out and comprehensive reviews on this book, they lead me to a terrific LR3 resource.EDIT/UPDATE: I received a response from Ms. Bampton regarding my request for the .PDF version in under 3 hours. In the response she detailed instructions on where and how to download. The download file (in .ZIP format) contains .PDF, .MOBI, and .EPUB versions of the book - thus covering both computers and E-book readers. Absolutely marvelous. In addition Ms. Bampton included a .vcf attachment for adding her to my contacts software (Outlook) and a opportunity to opt in for email notifications for updates to her book. There is also a user's forum made available. I don't think she's missed a single trick in making this book available, or in customer support.EDIT/UPDATE 3/12/12: LightRoom 4 has just been released, Ms. Bampton has an upgraded FAQ book to be released shortly. Current owners of the LR3 FAQ book will be entitled to a discount on the new book.Jim